Current up to date resume.pdf
  • SPlot - Scala Plotting Library. [Scala]
  • XYMesh - Adaptive mesh refinement for XY→Z problems. [Ruby]
  • Functional Pebbles - library for functional style programing, Try monad etc. [Java]
  • Scala-Data - Grosly incomplete tools for reading various scientific data formats such as numpy data files and NAMD DCD Trajectory files. [Scala]
  • SSLtk - user friendly command line tools for creating and managing ssl certificates. [Zsh]
  • Publications/Notes
  • Hitchhikers Guide to Git - Notes on Git for uninitiated. [LaTeX]
  • Scala
      ⇒ Typeclasses
      ⇒ Structural Types vs Typeclasses
      ⇒ Magnet Pattern